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The Chase & District

Museum & Archives

Photo Gallery

From the Ashes From the Ashes The old musuem A new roof had just recently been installed after a huge fundraising appeal. 192889108 Post fire July 2011 All artifacts and Archives are removed and stored in Chase. Ultimately being moved 3 times before the building was ready to be inhabited. 192889114 It is decided that all old siding has to be removed and replaced. 192889109 Assessments are made. 192889110 decisions are made as to what portions of the building are salvageable. The entire interior had to be stripped down to the studs, resulting in the painful loss of the original barrel ceiling. 192889111 Grateful that the heritage cabin was not harmed by the fire. 192889112 It is decided that the old windows are not salvageable and are removed. 192889113 A huge amount of labor and materials are donated by the generous citizens of Chase. Insurance coverage was well short of replacement value. 192889115 A fresh beginning A bright and cheerful barn red is chosen for the new Hardy Board exterior siding. 192887854 Sarah's cabin is set on contrast with the new face of the museum building. 192887855 The artifacts can be heavy and cumbersome. Here is shown the Village of Chase lending their equipment and manpower along with the added manpower of the Chase Volunteer firefighters moving the CPR safe 192887849 the entrance does not allow for machinery and brute force is necessary to move the safe inside. 192887850 CPR safe, originally housed in the Chase rail station. 192887852 The safe returned safe and sound in the museum after being stored in the fire hall since the fire. 192887853 Most definitely a joint effort with volunteers from the Village, museum ,and fire fighters all teaming up.It takes a "Village" to raise a museum. 192887851 Some Chase citizens chipping in with their equipment and strength to bring in Tommy Gordon's original barber chair. 192887856 Chase ladies show up to "git er done" 192887857 Into its corner exhibit ready to be cleaned. 192887858 "You said "A little Off the top" 192887859 Tommy Gordon's barber shop replicated with a 5 point Mule Deer buck keeping an eye on things. 192887865 The amount of damage varied depending where the item was located during the fire. 192887860 Many artifacts were destroyed others suffered major smoke damage 192887861 Bringing in the cash register from Beattys general store in Chase. 192887862 The condition of the 1896 National Cash register after the fire 192887868 Returned to presentable condition after hours of volunteer labor. 192887867 The Church steeple bell from the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, is brought out of storage and returned to display after the fire. 192887863 The bell is a CPR train engine bell which was donated to the church in 1963 for their bell tower 192887864 restored to its original shine, the brass bell is once again available for visitors to ring. 192887866 192887846 192887848 192887847